Why Did the Creator Choose to Make Us?

Why did the Creator choose to make us?  Why did the Creator choose to make you?

Because “the Creator is gaining in knowledge and appreciation of Itself.  The Creator wants to know Itself,” but cannot truly if it is by Itself.

Therefore, it sends forth parts of Itself into this illusion to see what will happen and to learn from the enormous tapestry created in the brightly colored and golden threads of emotions that you have created through many experiences and incarnations.

This tapestry contains your unique beauty and the light in the way only you can shine. It is in that way that you teach the Creator that which no one else can. And by “no one” that means no other being in all of Creation is able to teach the Creator what you can. None. Not one.

Consider the vastness of this universe. Creation is made up of an infinite number of universes. You are the only one of you in all of the unending multiverse.

So, my friend, what the Infinite Creator greatly desires is your gift, your tapestry that comes from you.

You cannot please the Creator by being someone else, but only by being most truly and deeply yourself.”