What This Site Is & Is Not

Thank you for visiting.

This site is what resonates within my soul.  The post or articles contained herein are expressions of the way I see things at the time they are posted.  My soul is evolving, as is yours.  Over time, my views may change; nevertheless, this is what I understand right now.  My hope is that you would find what is shared interesting enough to ponder & mull over.  In addition, I hope you:

  • Have an open mind and an open heart
  • Explore other points of view that may be foreign to you
  • Don't give in to peer pressure about what you think or belief
  • Do your research: read books & sites like this, watch videos & movies about spiritual subjects
  • Run with anything you read or watch that quickens you or resonates within your soul
  • Walk away from anything you read or watch that doesn't feel good or resonate
  • Keep searching for answers
  • Find inner peace

This site is a collection of my personal insights.  This is what I have learned throughout my spiritual journey and what I believe.  I offer it to you for your own spiritual journey.

This site is not a mandate on what everyone should believe.  This is not an attempt to start an organized religion or belief system filled with dogma.  This is not an attempt to start a cult following.

Every soul is on its own journey.  Every one of us has the power to decide for ourselves what we believe, what we think, what path we should take.

I offer this to you as food for thought.

Namasté [the light in me recognizes the light in you],